A complete and detailed overview of Nitrility - the world's first intellectual property marketplace

Critical Industry Context (read before you continue)

• Legally using IP like music in any created content, such as TV commercials, movies, YouTube videos, or live streams, requires a direct license from the rightsholder. This license is a formal agreement that grants permission to use the music.

• Platforms hosting user-generated content, like YouTube, employ automated copyright systems to monitor content. For instance, YouTube's Content ID scans videos upon upload to detect potential copyright infringements. However, these systems do not verify license ownership, leading to a notable incidence of false copyright claims.

• This principle extends to all forms of Intellectual Property (IP). For example, game developers must license assets used in their games. When these games are uploaded to platforms like Steam, automated systems check for copyright infringements but do not confirm license ownership. This issue is prevalent across various IP sectors, including images, patents, movies, and books, highlighting a widespread challenge in the digital content industry.

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