It's The Only Solution

It solves it all
Now that you have some context on the problem and our system, let's take a detailed look at what it has really solved. And in Nitrility fashion again, we will look at it from the perspectives of creators, rightsholders, and platforms. And we'll make this simple...


  • can now find rights to what they need in seconds
  • can now purchase the rights they need in seconds
  • can showcase true proof of digital license ownership
  • easy transferability of licenses across multiple accounts
  • support for every type of content
  • never get any false copyright claims
  • purchase of rights in the case of accidental rights violation
  • never have to deal with absurd legal fees to review licenses and long documents


  • can easily sell licenses for their content in seconds
  • can customize those licenses to their liking
  • have tailored analytics on their market depending on sales
  • automated piracy prevention and licenses recommendation across every platform
  • never have to deal with manually clearing copyright claims again
  • can focus on marketing their licenses
  • never have to deal with absurd legal fees to create licenses and long documents
  • never get a false copyright claim for the content that they created
  • greatly increased license sales as purchasing IP will become standardized


  • an easy way to understand the rights each of their users have
  • mitigation of lawsuits from rightsholders
  • increased user satisfaction
  • decreased server latency for copyright reports being sent for content
  • payment from rightsholders every time a license is used on their platform *we talk about this next