Payment Systems

How our monetization for platforms and Nitrility will work

Transaction fee

Nitrility pushes towards two concepts when it comes to monetization, initial free use, and transparency of our cut. So let's get into it.
Nitrility will take a 5% transaction fee off of every license sale. So if a license is sold for $20, then our system will take $1 from that, and the rest of the $19 will go to the rightsholder who has sold it. This is in a similar fashion to OpenSea, Amazon, and millions of other functioning marketplaces. But how that 5% will be spit is the main topic here.
2.5% of that 5% will go directly to Nitrility to support future development and operations. The other 2.5% will be stored in a "vault." Now any time a license is used on a platform, based on the metadata of that license, we will take 2.5% of what that license sold for, pull that cash from our "vault," and give it to the platform the license was used for. It's as simple as that.

Supported Payments

The crypto space is evolving every day, and since our tech is very in line to support both web3 and web2 payment structures, we plan on doing just that. So our marketplace on launch will support crypto payments, credit card payments, and so on, all to allow users the easiest and most fluid way to purchase licenses.