The Nitrility Marketplace

An intuitive intellectual property marketplace supported by the blockchain
The Marketplace Preview

Our Mission

Nitrility's mission is to introduce disruptive yet required technology that will reinvent the distribution and enforcement of intellectual property.
Global platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, and Meta, video games, such as Roblox and Minecraft, and even the developing Metaverse, provide the ability to communicate/reach individuals around the world without proper enforcement of intellectual property. Nitrility’s goal, through the utilization of its marketplace, is to provide a solution to ensure creators' and artists' valuable IP [digital content - i.e., music; videos, brand, etc....] is protected. Thus, in turn, affords the copyright holder the right to rightfully seek compensation, file complaints, takedown content, file lawsuits, and so much more.
Our service will not only make the world a better and more productive place but also make it financially possible for everyone to participate in creating and protecting IP from all levels of our society, from young students, creators, independent inventors, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large scale corporations.
Meet Nitrility

Our System

Nitrility will integrate the foundation of IP rights and ownership with the advanced technologies of the blockchain in a near fully decentralized system to provide creators, artists, and platforms with the perfect infrastructure to arbitrate IP on a global scale in seconds.
Nitrility will offer a public marketplace that will allow rights holders to effortlessly sell rights/licenses for any content they own, creators to find and purchase those rights in seconds, and platforms the ability to authenticate ownership of those rights to mitigate false copyright claims.
The best way to understand our multifaceted software and marketplace is to look at it from the view of its users, so here is how the marketplace and its external software will look from the example perspectives of rightsholders, creators, and platforms.